2019 ABHA National Finals Trade stall application., Wed 17th Apr, 2019

The ABHA Board of Directors would like to invite businesses to apply for a trade stall at the 2019 ABHA National Finals. Please  CLICK HERE to purchase your site.

2019 ABHA National Finals QualifyingCriteria, Wed 27th Feb, 2019

2019 National Finals Qualifying Criteria:


CLASSIC:  The Classic horse must be 4, 5 or 6 years old. The HORSE is the qualifier and must compete in 3(three) ABHA Affiliated Events at 3(three) separate ABHA Affiliated days, minimum of 1(one) qualifying event must be an ABHA Affiliated Classic during the qualifying period of 1st July 2018 – 30th June 2019. Qualifying combinations can be 3 ABHA Affiliated Classic Events  2 ABHA Affiliated Classic Events & 1 Open Divisional Barrel Race or  1 ABHA Affiliated Classic Event & 2 Open Divisional Barrel Races. Horse is permitted to turn 7 on 1st August 2019 and compete in the Classic event at the finals if the horse qualified during the said qualifying period. The Horse may be ridden by any rider, but said rider must be a current financial member of the ABHA



DIVISIONAL: To qualify for the divisional event at the National Finals, it is the RIDER who qualifies and rider must have ridden in 1(one) ABHA Open Divisional event at 5 (five) separate ABHA affiliated days. Juniors may compete in Divisional Barrel Race provided they have ridden in 1(one) Open Divisional event at 5 (five) separate ABHA affiliated days during the qualifying period of 1st July 2018 – 30th June 2019. Once rider is qualified, they may enter any amount of horses in the 4D as they wish.


 JUNIORS:  To qualify for the junior divisional event at the National Finals, it is the RIDER who qualifies and rider must have ridden in 1(one) junior event at 5 (five) separate ABHA affiliated days during the qualifying period of 1st July 2018 – 30th June 2019. Once qualified, juniors may enter any amount of horses in the junior as they wish. Juniors who have turned 18 can ride in the finals in the junior event if their 5 (five) qualifying events where done before they turned 18.

2019 ABHA National Finals saddle tender., Fri 1st Feb, 2019


Dear All Saddle Suppliers

The Australian Barrel Barrel Horse Association are requesting tenders for the supply of the 2019 Finals Trophy Saddles.

Note – This year the ABHA will also accept tenders to contract the trophy saddles for one, two or three years. Please note in your application the term tendering for.

We require a minimum of 13 * 14-inch Trophy Barrel Racing Saddles (but not limited to) delivered to Tamworth NSW no later than the 29th of July 2019.

Please ensure your quote is itemised and includes all costs.

Quotes MUST include stamping/trophy lettering.
 Stamping required is as follows: (but not limited to)
 All 13 to have stamped “2019 ABHA Finals”
 1 * Patsie Holder Memorial Classic Champion
 1 * 1D Champion
 1 * 2D Champion
 1 * 3D Champion
 1 * 4D Champion

1 * 5D Champion
 1 * 6D Champion
 1 * 7D Champion
 1 * 8D Champion

1 * Junior 1D Champion
 1 * Junior 2D Champion
 1 * Junior 3D Champion

1 * Junior 4D Champion

Saddles may require sponsor logos, please indicate approx. cost per saddle, and time frame required for these logos.

 Please quote your price for supplying trophy saddles including delivery costs in Australian dollars inclusive of GST.

Please also indicate:

a) Whether your quotes are inclusive or exclusive of import taxes and duty, if not otherwise stated, we will assume your quotes are inclusive of import taxes and duty.
 b) Your terms of payment.
 c) All price quotations to be firm and state when they expire.

Please supply your written quote to  before 5pm Friday the 15th of February 2019.


Kind regards,

ABHA Board of Directors

2018 Equitana Draw, Mon 12th Nov, 2018

2018 Equitana is fast approaching us. Below is a copy of the draw.

Don't forget to pop in to the ABHA Stand and say hi!


Official ABHA National Finals Photographers: Frenchs Rodeo Photos exclusive deal, Fri 28th Sep, 2018

Frenchs Rodeo Photos captured the action packed ABHA National Finals and has a special deal for all attendees. 

$200 for all competition images of one horse and rider in full size hi-res digital format (minimum 100+ photos) on a OTG usb drive inc postage than only $50 for each additional horse and rider including immediate family members if required.

Plus any printed photos ordered from the photos supplied will be printed for half of the normal price for up to 2 years after the event, this includes collages and canvases

See the webpage for our normal prices for smaller orders

2018 ABHA National Finals Livestream - Purchase your runs, Thu 27th Sep, 2018

Wild Colt Productions are now taking orders to purchase your barrel racing runs from the 2018 ABHA National Finals. 

Each run can be purchased for $11 each and will be available for download.

Click on the link to buy now

Please note: orders can be taken from any year of the ABHA National Finals. 

2018 National Finals Junior Results, Mon 24th Sep, 2018

2018 National Finals Junior Results

2018 Junior results.pdf

2018 National Finals Prize Money, Mon 24th Sep, 2018

2018 ABHA National Finals paid out over $80,000 in prize money alone!

Congratulations to all the winners and place getters.

Patsie Holder Memorial Classic prize money:

1st    $3,515.20

2nd  $,2562.55

3rd  $1,757.60

4th  $1,098.50

5th  $768.95

6th  $549.25

7th  $439.4

8th  $329.55

The ABHA National finals Divisional prize money:

1st   $2,276.00

2nd  $1,635.88

3rd   $1,138

4th   $711.25

5th   $497.88

6th   $355.63

7th   $284.5

8th   $213.38

Junior Divisional Prize Money

1st   $951.64

2nd   $692.10

3rd   $490.24

4th   $288.38

5th   $201.86

6th   $144.19

7th $115.35

All cheques will be posted Tuesday, 25th September.

2018 Patsie Holder Memorial Classic Results, Sun 23rd Sep, 2018

2018 Patsie Holder Memorial Classic Results

2018 Patsie Holder Memorial Classic Results.pdf

2018 National Finals Divisional Results, Sun 23rd Sep, 2018

2018 National Finals Divisional

2018 Divisional Results.pdf

2018 Junior Rd 2 Draw, Sat 22nd Sep, 2018

2018 Junior Rd 2 Draw

2018 Junior Rd Draw.pdf

2018 Patsie Holder Memorial Classic Round 2 Draw, Sat 22nd Sep, 2018

2018 Patsie Holder Memorial Classic Round 2 Draw

PHMC RD 2 Draw.pdf

2018 Patsie Holder Memorial Classic RD 1 Times, Sat 22nd Sep, 2018

2018 Patsie Holder Memorial Classic Round 1 Times

2018 PHMC Rd 1 Times.pdf

2018 Junior Round 1 Times, Fri 21st Sep, 2018

2018 Junior Round 1 Times

2018 Junior Rd 1 Times.pdf

2018 Divisional Round 2 Draw, Fri 21st Sep, 2018

2018 Divisional Round 2 Draw

Round 2 Div Draw.pdf

2018 DIVISIONAL ROUND 1 TIMES, Fri 21st Sep, 2018

2018 Divisional Round 1 Times are now available.

2018 Divisional Round 1 Times.pdf

2018 Live Streaming, Wed 19th Sep, 2018

The 2018 National Finals live streaming is now available.

Click here for live feed

2018/19 ABHA Board of Directors, Wed 19th Sep, 2018

ABHA President, Adele Edwards, and the Board of Directors would like to thank retiring Vice President, Maree Oddy and Directors Michelle Peters and Tamara Walker for their time on the Board and their contribution to the board and the association and wish them well for their future endeavours.

The Board of Directors elected to conduct the ballot via online voting. We had a great response with 27% of our members voting. The Board would like to thank all the nominees and would like to welcome to the Board Katie Vaughan, Lou Kimber and Bridgette Hasting who will all hold a 2 year term of office and Maree Oddy returns for a 1 year term of office as a Director.

Ballot results:

2 Year Term of Office Nominees

Katie Vaughan 136

Lou Kimber 130

Bridgette Hasting 87

Wendy Hill 63

1 Year Term of Office Nominees

Maree Oddy 123

Mary Morgan 82

AGM Proxy Votes, Tue 18th Sep, 2018

AGM – Proxy voting forms will be accepted via email to till 5pm Tuesday 18th September, else proxy forms must be handed to the meeting chair prior to the start of the meeting.

Agenda and Proxy forms can be found at

2018 Exhibitions, Mon 17th Sep, 2018

Below is a list of exhibition times.

Exhibitions will be available for purchase $10 at the gate on Tuesday ONLY.

Please see chute boss to book and pay for exhibitions

2018 Exhibitions.pdf

2018 National Finals Order of Events, Mon 17th Sep, 2018

Tuesday 18th September 10am-6pm Exhibitions

Wednesday: 9am - 2pm Exhibitions



3pm - 6pm Round 1 Open Divisional Competitors 1-150 

Competition will close after competitor number 150 and recommence Thursday morning with Competitor number 151

Thursday: 9am Round 1 Open Divisional Competitors 151-483

Friday 9am: Round 1 Juniors, Round 1 Patsie Holder Memorial Classic, Round 2 Divisional Competitors (Reverse order) 1-150

Saturday: 9am Round 2 Divisional (Reverse Order) 151-483, Round 2 Patsie Holder Memorial Classic

Sunday: 9am Round 2 Juniors, Little Drum Runners, Presentations



Please note NSW Department of Primary Industries WILL be checking ALL QLD competitors paperwork. You must show it clearly on the dashboard of your car/truck during the event & present it to the office on arrival. 

ABHA Director Nominations & Online Voting

ABHA Director Nominations & Online Voting , Fri 14th Sep, 2018

Voting has now opened to elect the open positions on the Board of Directors.

We are using an online system this year, and each member has been emailed the polling system.

Please visit read all the nominations and their biographies below in the news section. Nominations are: Bridgette Hastings, Katie Vaughan, Louise Kimber, Maree Oddy, Mary Morgan & Wendy Hill. 

If you have not received an email to vote please email

For those without an email address, or are becoming members prior to the AGM please visit the office at AELEC on Tuesday 18 and see Jayne to vote.


AGM is at 7.30pm Tuesday 18

ABHA Director Nomination for a 2 year term - Louise Kimber, QLD , Thu 13th Sep, 2018

Hello, my name is Louise Kimber and I have been a member of the Australian Barrel Horse Association since 2007. 

I am very passionate about barrel racing and believe as a competitor it is time to give back to the sport, I love so much. I have life long experience within the horse industry, having grown up in a rodeo family and then going on to work for western performance horse trainers such as Ian Francis, Todd Graham, Frank Green and Mick Connolly. From here I worked in the US for over three years, for a trainer who has not only trained horses that have won the AQHA world, but who has also coached clients to go on to win the world in their chosen disaplines. Having worked for such trainers has not only given me the grounding and knowledge for educating horses and coaching riders, but it has also allowed me to show at and experience some of the biggest events within the western performance horse industry.

In 2007, myself, Helen McVicar and Mary Morgan became the founding people behind the now well known and successful Moonbi Magic Barrel Racing Inc. Three women with a vision and belief that this sport we love so much, could grow to unimaginable levels and by also giving people from all walks of life and horse experience an opportunity to compete.

Over the years I have shown cutters, western pleasure horses, hunt seat horses, and show hacks. The past 11 years, I have focused on and prided myself in training well educated, consistent barrel horses, by drawing upon the knowledge I have gained from the horsemen I have been privileged to work for.

My professional career is within the field of quality assurance and work health safety, where I am employed as a quality manager for a nationwide organisation. This position involves auditing and consultation in regards to relative legislative requirements. Along with this, I perform leadership coaching and motivation for various managers. I believe the attributes required within my position, would be beneficial to the ABHA and its members, if I were to be successful with gaining a position of director.

If I was successful in gaining a position on the ABHA board, my main priorities would be to represent and be a voice for the members, along with being initiative on ways to increase memberships and sponsorship. 

I wish to thank both the current and past ABHA board, for not only the wonderful job they have done, but also their high level of professionalism.

Kindest regards

Louise Kimber

ABHA Director Nomination for a 2 year term - Katie Vaughan, QLD

ABHA Director Nomination for a 2 year term - Katie Vaughan, QLD , Thu 13th Sep, 2018

My name is Katie Vaughan, I have been rodeoing/barrel racing for approximately 20 years. I've been involved with many barrel racing clubs, and run many events myself. I am the current National Rodeo Association barrel racing director, and have been for a few years. I am applying for the ABHA Board as I believe I am able to contribute to the continued growth within the barrel racing industry.

ABHA Director Nomination for a 2 year term - Bridgette Hasting, South Australia

ABHA Director Nomination for a 2 year term - Bridgette Hasting, South Australia , Thu 13th Sep, 2018

I’m Bridgette Hasting, born and bred in the Barossa Valley, SA. Raised on our farm, I have enjoyed the outdoors with a passion for horses and barrel racing from a young age. I am a wife and mother, who enjoys being busy! 

I am a commercial helicopter pilot (19 years) and owner of our new horse trail riding business. I along with my sister, run the administration for the businesses as well as day to day flying and trail rides. I have served a 4-year term as elected member on the Barossa Council, Treasurer of the Australian Helicopter Industry Board and active member for local barrel racing club since 2003 - 2017 in various rolls (committee member/president/secretary).

I enjoy helping people and sharing my knowledge (not just horses), if I can share what others have shared with me and it helps someone in one way or another – I see that as my way of “paying it forward”.

I believe that being a commercial helicopter pilot, elected member and treasurer for an industry body has given me the tools to be motivated, driven, work under pressure and the ability to make decisions in high demanding situations. 

For this reason, I think I would bring a diverse skill set to the ABHA board. 

I wish all the candidates the best of luck in their drive to be on the board. I would also like to thank the current and past ABHA board members for the time and effort in making the ABHA what it is today! 


ABHA Director Nomination for a 2 year term - Wendy Hill, South Australia, Thu 13th Sep, 2018

Hi Everyone, from Wendy Hill :-)

My passion and involvement in barrel racing started in 1990. Training, learning, and competing in rodeos around Australia. My passion and dedication for the sport of Barrel Racing in Australia is one of the main things I love in life, which so many of you know. That's not unique, because you all do, just like me. Barrel Racing in Australia, through the ABHA and its affiliates, is a growing and exciting venture, because we look after the beginners, the developing, and the competitors at the top of their sport. 

I have served many years as a South Australian Barrel Horse Association member and Committee member, throughout its 20 year history, holding various roles. My love of the sport extends that even though I did not always have a horse to ride, I have been an official and timed for many years at SABHA and other events, volunteered my time unwaveringly to the best interests of the sport. I will be bringing this same commitment and passion if elected on the ABHA Board. I have served the last 2 terms as President of the South Australian Barrel Racing Association. I enjoy working in a Committee / Team environment and working toward the success of Barrel Racing at all levels. 

I have an extensive background professionally in business, logistics, compliance and coordinating in the private and public sector. These skills with my dedication to Barrel Racing, are transferable to being able to make a positive contribution to the sport and work with the Team at the ABHA and the Affiliates.

ABHA Director Nomination for a 1 year term - Maree Oddy, Victoria , Thu 13th Sep, 2018

The Australian Barrel Horse Association, is an association I am immensely proud to have represented and helped to grow over the numerous years being a Board Director. In my time as Vice-President over the last eight years, I have drawn on my twenty years of experience in the barrel racing industry and added value to not only the leadership team of the association but also to the members, affiliate and events that I have helped run over this time. 


Through my time, I have been heavily involved in the daily management of the association including a strong role in the procedures & processes of the ABHA. Since the inaugural ABHA National Finals I have been the sponsorship coordinator of the event, and believe I have built strong relationships with the businesses that have chosen to support the National Finals, both continuing & new and have created a strong tiered sponsorship package for the event which has contributed to becoming the richest barrel racing event in Australia with last year’s event having $160,000 in prizes & prize-money. 


I am extremely passionate about the barrel racing industry, and have used my time on the Board to help grow the industry and create and impact, however I do believe both our sport and the ABHA have a long way to go and I aim to help continue to forge a path for both. I aim to use my future time as a committed Director of the ABHA to support our members by being their voice, a voice of reason and determination to raise concerns when needed. I have learned and gained vital knowledge through my time as a Director but believe I can still continue to grow as a person and as leader through the ABHA and create an impact on Australian Barrel Racing.


ABHA Director Nomination for a 1 year term - Mary Morgan, NSW, Thu 13th Sep, 2018

Hi my name is Mary Morgan I've ridden horses all my life here is some of my achievements.                   

Rode at home helping my dad with cattle until I was nine years old then attended pony club until I was 13.

Campdrafted until I was 21 won a total of 20 drafts.

Went rodeoing from then on after being married.

1984 barrel race champion, steer undecorating and all around cowgirl

1987 wpra all round rookie & barrel race champion.

1988 represented Australia at Denver Colorado USA.

1996 won barrel race at Sydney Royal Show.

Made ABCRA finals in 3 decades.

One of the founders of moonbi magic along with Helen McVicar & Louise Kimber.

2009 moonbi magic hi point saddle.

2014 moonbi magic classic

I am passionate about abha and where it's going as barrel racing is fast growing sport and would like to help it continue to prosper. 

Thanks for reading, 

Mary Morgan

2018 National Finals Order of Events, Wed 29th Aug, 2018

Tuesday 18th September:

10am - 6 pm Exhibitions

7:30pm - AGM

Wednesday 19th September:

9am - 2pm Exhibitions

3pm - Section 1 Divisional Barrel Race RD 1

Thursday 20th September:

9am - Section 2 Divisional Barrel Race RD 1

Friday 21st September:

9am - Junior Divisional Barrel Race RD 1

Patsie Holder Memorial Classic RD 1

Section 1 Divisional Barrel Race RD 2

Saturday 22nd September:

9am -  Section 2 Divisional Barrel Race RD 2

7:30pm Patsie Holder Memorial Classic RD 2

Sunday 23rd September:

9am - Junior Divisional Barrel Race RD 2

Little Drum Runners


2018 ABHA National Finals Trade outs, Wed 29th Aug, 2018

The ABHA Board of Directors would like to announce they are introducing for the 2018 ABHA National Finals, a trade out of draw positions.

Any person wishing to trade their draw number is now able to trade with another person by filling out the attached form which must be lodged by email to the secretary, NO LATER THAN 5pm, Friday 31st August 2018.


Please note it is the competitors responsibilty to find a member to trade with.

2018 Trade out form.pdf  

2018 ABHA National Finals Draws, Wed 29th Aug, 2018

The ABHA Board of Directors are excited to announce the 2018 National Finals Draws!

2018 PHMC Draw.pdf

2018 Little Drum Runners.pdf

2018 Junior Draw.pdf

2018 Divisional Draw Round 1.pdf

2018 Divisional Draw Reverse Order Round 2.pdf

Board of Director Nominations, Tue 28th Aug, 2018

Are you passionate about Barrel Racing?

Do you want to make a difference?


Have you considered joining the ABHA Directors Team.


What is required of being on the Board?

The Board meets one a month generally, via teleconference.

As per the ABHA Constitution the Powers of the Board are listed below,

13. Powers of Board of the ABHA

(1) The affairs of the ABHA shall be managed by the Board.

(2) The Board:

(a) shall control and manage the business affairs of the ABHA;

(b) may, subject to the Constitution, the Act and the Regulations,exercise all such powers and functions as may be exercised by the ABHA otherthan those powers and functions that are required by the Constitution to beexercised by general meetings of the members of the ABHA;

(c) subject to the Constitution, the Act and the Regulations, has powerto perform all such acts and things as appear to the Board to be essential forthe proper management of the business affairs of the ABHA;

(d) may appoint such members of the Board, being not less than 3, toconstitute a committee of the Board to exercise such of the functions of theBoard as the Board may confer on such committee; and

(e) notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing, has power topromulgate rules and by-laws for the conduct of competitors at affiliatedevents with, or run under the auspices of, the ABHA.


And of course the Organisation of the Annual National Finals.


This year we have 5 positions available to be filled.


Positions up for nomination (Eligibilty Criterialisted below)

·         Vice President

·         Board Members x 3 positions for a 2 year term

·         Board member x 1 position for a 12 month term


ELIGIBILITY for Board Positions (as per ABHA Constitution)

12. Election of the Board

(1) A person is eligible to be nominated for the position of:

(a) President - if the person has served for 2 years or more asPresident, a Vice-President or a Director;

(b) Vice-President - if the person has served for 2 years or more as aVice-President or a Director;

(c) Director - if the person has been a member of the ABHA for not lessthan two years prior to the nomination.


Please note as per the ABHA Constitution each position if for a ternyear term. In 2013 at the Special General Meeting held in Corryong it was votedthat the all Board positions be staggered - President and 4 Board positions inan odd year (2013, 2015, 2017 etc) and Vice President and 3 Board positions inan even year (2014, 2016, 2018 etc). Due to one of Board team resigning halfway through their two year term this one position will be only for 1 year toensure we keep the staggered Board.

Annual General Meeting - Board Nominations & Agenda Items , Thu 23rd Aug, 2018

We are calling for agenda items and board nominations for our ABHA AGM which will take place at AELEC in Tamworth during our National Finals week (exact date TBC).

Agenda items due 31 August.

Nominations due 11 September.

Nomination forms can be downloaded from the ABHA website.

Please email both to

This is your chance to have your say, and help to shape the Australian barrel racing industry.

Entries closing soon

Entries closing soon, Wed 22nd Aug, 2018

Don't leave it to the last minute to put your entries in for the ABHA National Finals, you don't want to miss the cut off!

Entries will close 5.00pm (AEST) Friday 24 August, TODAY!

Remember the money up for grabs:

Junior Divisional: $2,400 plus add back 
Open Divisional: $9,600 plus add back 
Classic: $6,000 plus add back

Enter now:

2018 National Finals Charity - Aussie Helpers , Thu 9th Aug, 2018

Check out the exquisite tack set Rodeo Drive Saddlery - home of Bel Jade's custom leather has crafted to raffle off as our 2018 charity tack set.

The charity as voted by our members is The Official Aussie Helpers Page who are doing their bit to help our farmers in this devastating and crippling drought.

All proceeds from the raffle and all fines from the National Finals will go directly to Aussie Helpers.

We will also have two days dedicated to supporting Aussie Helpers and ask our competitors to dress & dazzle in red, white & blue. Please dress in the charity colours on the Friday & Saturday of the National Finals. We ask the Little Drummers to also dress up in red, white & blue for their event on Sunday. 

Anyone who is not attending the finals but would like to support this great cause, please contact the secretary: or phone 0409951799 to arrange the purchasing of tickets.

National Finals Newsletter

National Finals Newsletter, Mon 30th Jul, 2018

Click the link to view our National Finals Newsletter:

2018 National Finals Entry , Mon 30th Jul, 2018

The 2018 ABHA National Finals entry form is now open. CLICK HERE to enter.

Please remember when purchasing an exhibition run to tick the exhibition box on the entry form and click on the link above box where you enter your first horse's name to book your time-slot.

Entries close 5pm 24th August 2018.

2018 ABHA National Finals Entry Fees and Prize Money , Mon 23rd Jul, 2018

Our 2018 National Finals are fast approaching and the Board of Directors would like to announce the following events, entry fees and prize money.

Please note, entries open 9.00am Monday 30 July via our website and booking for camping and stabling will open 9.00am Monday 30 July via the AELEC website

2018 ABHA National Finals Entries, Wed 18th Jul, 2018

The ABHA Board of Directors would like to announce that entries for the 2018 ABHA National Finals will open 9am Monday 30th July 2018 via the ABHA website.

Camping and stabling will also be available to book 9am Monday 30th July 2018,  to be booked direct through the AELEC website.

2018 National Finals Merchandise, Wed 11th Jul, 2018

2018 ABHA National Finals Merchandise is now available to purchase.

Custom long sleeve polos are available to purchase until 31st July only.

All other merchandise is available to purchase until 27th August

Please CLICK HERE to view and order merchandise.

2018 National Finals Charity, Fri 18th May, 2018

Hi Members,

We are very pleased to announce the charity that we will be raising funds for at the 2018 ABHA National Finals is


As per previous years we will be having selected days/rounds dedicated to Aussie Helpers and will encourage members to dazzle all with the Aussie Helpers colours. These days will be advertised closer to the Finals.
Facebook page:

2018 ABHA National Finals Charity, Fri 23rd Feb, 2018

Hi Members,

 In preparation for the 2018 National Finals, we need to select the charity that we will be raising funds for during the finals. This year the Board would like our members to assist in this process. Before we post the poll and to ensure all members are aware of what each charity's purpose is, please follow the links below before you make your decision.

Please be aware we know there are so many charities to choose from, and we know all members have a charity close to their heart, if you feel that there is a charity that should be considered,please drop us an email and we will add this to the list for 2019. The poll will be posted tonight at approx 8pm on the Australian Barrel Horse Association’s Facebook page.

Heard of Hope - - Assisting inOrgan Donation for Rural People.

Guide Dogs -

National Breast Cancer Foundation-

R U OK -

Royal Flying Doctors -

Beyond Blue -

The Smith Family -

Red Cross -

Red Kite -

Ronald McDonald -

Country Hope -

Dollys Dream -

Buy A Bale - Drought Relief -

Aussie Helpers - DroughtRelief -

2018 National Finals Change of Date, Tue 20th Feb, 2018

The ABHA Board of Directors would like to announce a change of date for the 2018 ABHA National Finals to be held at AELEC, Tamworth NSW.

New dates are 18th September to 23rd September 2018.

2018 National Finals , Wed 14th Feb, 2018

The ABHA Board of Directors are excited to announce that due to the overwhelming success of trialing the 1/2 second splits in the Open Divisional Barrel Race for the 2017 National Finals, the 2018 National Finals will again follow the same format with 8 Divisions and the Board are also excited to announce an extra Division in the Junior Divisional Event. There will now be 4 divisions in the Junior Division Barrel Race.

2018 Equitana Qualifiers, Thu 8th Feb, 2018

The ABHA Board of Directors are pleased to announce the 2018 Equitana Qualifier are as follows:


ABHA Victorian Barrels 17th March - Chiltern................................4 Qualifiers

Gippsland Barrel Racing Club 4th March - Nilma..........................4 Qualifiers


NBRL 17th & 18th March - Quorn....................................................2 Qualifiers

SABHA 15th April - Marrabel............................................................2 Qualifiers


Cloverleaf Cruisers 18th March -Murrurundi..................................2 Qualifiers

Southern Turn & Burn 22nd April - Tumut......................................3 Qualifiers

Cooma Rodeo Club, May Jackpot - Cooma.....................................2 Qualifiers

Bingara Barrel Racing Club 10th  March - Bingara.........................2 Qualifiers

Moonbi Magic 29th April - Moonbi...................................................2 Qualifiers


ABHA Callide Valley 20th May - CKS Performance Horse Arena....1 Qualifiers

Capricorn Coast 8th July - Ridgelands..............................................1 Qualifiers

2018 National Finals Trophy Saddle Tender, Mon 29th Jan, 2018


All Saddle Suppliers.


Dear All Saddle Suppliers

The ABHA are requesting quotes for the supply of the 2018 Finals Trophy Saddles.

We require a minimum of 8 * 14 inchTrophy Barrel Racing Saddles delivered to Tamworth on or before the 15th ofJuly 2018. (But not limited to) Please supply a per saddle quote.

Quotes MUST include Stamping/Trophy Lettering.
Stamping required is as follows: (but not limited to)
All 8 to have “2018 ABHA Finals”
1 * Patsie Holder Memorial Classic Champion
1 * 1D Champion
1 * 2D Champion
1 * 3D Champion
‘ 1 * 4D Champion
1 * Junior 1D Champion
1 * Junior 2D Champion
1 * Junior 3D Champion

Please quote your price for supplying these saddles including delivery costs inAustralian dollars.

Please also indicate:

a) whether your quotes are inclusive orexclusive of sales taxes; if not otherwise stated, we will assume your quotes are inclusive of sales taxes;
b) delivery time from receipt of our purchase order to receipt of your shipment; this time frame will be a condition of any purchase order made; (Please also note the delivery date required above.)
c) if delivery costs are included in your quotes, your prices for pick-up at our separate cost; if delivery costs are not included in your quotes, please state this clearly otherwise we will assume they are included;
d) your terms of payment.
e) All price quotations must be firm and state when they expire.

Please supply your written quote to any of the following or or  before 5pm Monday 5th of February 2018.


Kind Regards

ABHA Board of Directors

2018 ABHA Memberships Due, Thu 28th Dec, 2017

2018 ABHA Membership are due for renewal from 1st January 2018.

Click here to renew your membership online.

New membership reminder, Wed 8th Nov, 2017

Please note that any new membership paid on or after 1st December 2017 will roll over to 2018 giving new members up to 13 months ABHA membership.

2017 ABHA National Finals Charity, Fri 13th Oct, 2017

The ABHA Board of Directors are pleased to announce that $668 was raised from the proceeds of the raffle, merchandise sold and fines from the 2017 National Finals.

2017-18 ABHA Board of Directors, Fri 13th Oct, 2017

The ABHA Board of Directors would like the welcome President Adele Edwards for another two year term of office, returning directors Suzanne Dicks, Susan Keenan & Pat Collins and welcome new director Naomi Bennett, all serving a two year term of office. The Board of Directors would also like to thank retiring Director, Michelle O'Neill for her many years of service on the board and wish her well for her future endeavors. 

2017 ABHA National Finals Merchandise , Tue 5th Sep, 2017

Finals merchandise is now available for purchasing during the finals. Order placed will require postage to be paid when ordering.

Traditional Roc

Traditional Roc, Fri 4th Aug, 2017

Australian Barrel Horse Association Sire Incentive 2016

Owner: Mathea Usher

Progeny: County Roc-Jo Caldwell
Roc ‘N’ Rolly-Emma Peters
Cowboy Roc-Jacquelyn Learmonth
Salty Roc-Jacquelyn Learmonth

The Australian Barrel Horse Association first introduced the Sire Incentive in 2016, this award was to highlight all the Stallion owners & their great work & time they give to our Industry of Barrel Racing.

This is run on a points system over the National Finals with members entering their progeny’s Sire of any breed as long as both are registered.

Without a doubt who shone the first year, the award going to TRADITIONAL ROC & MATHEA USHER.

The ABHA would like to extend their condolences to Mathea Usher of Santa Rio Quarter Horses

2017 National Finals Charity., Wed 28th Jun, 2017

The 'Starlight Foundation' has been randomly chosen as this year's nominated charity. Merchandise will be on sale at the finals and all fines occurred during the finals will be donated to this worthy children's charity. So dust off those purple and yellow shirts to brighten up AELEC and shine like a star for the day! (Day tba)

National Finals Entries, Wed 28th Jun, 2017

The 2016-17 National Finals qualifying period has now ended. For those waiting on finals qualifying points, please allow time for affiliates to submit their paperwork and have it processed. 

Online entries for the National Finals will open on Monday 17th July 2017. 

2017 Entry Fees:

Classic $160…addback $105

Open   $150…..addback $100

Junior $65………addback $45

2017 Posted Prize Money:

Classic $5,000

Open $8,000

Junior $1,650

The Board of Directors would also like to announce a new event for the 2017 finals. It will be a themed......"Starlight, Starbright".......... ‘Little Drum Runners’ event for children aged 5 to under 10 years old riding unassisted. The cost of entry for this event is $5 gst inclusive and there will not be any prize money, but each rider will receive a medallion and many prizes will be up for grabs. The only requirements for entering this event is they be an existing ABHA financial member when entry opens and to have not entered in the junior or open divisional events at the National Finals. (Age will be as off 30/6/17) Entry for this event will be via online National Finals Entry.

2017 Qualifying period., Fri 19th May, 2017

The 2017 National Finals qualifying deadline of 30th June 2017, is fast approaching. Don't wait till the last minute to qualify as many events get cancelled due to weather conditions.

Attention Patsie Holder Memorial Classic Qualifiers., Tue 11th Apr, 2017

 We have a lot of CLASSIC Events being run over the next few weeks, The ABHA would like to remind everyone of the processes.

You must have the correct paperwork to enter your horse in a Classic Qualifier, this being a copy of Registration Papers or the ABHA Proof of Age Form completed by a vet, this can be downloaded from the ABHA Website.

If your horse is registered with any association the horse must be entered with his registered name for all events including Divisional Barrel races.

Also please ensure you have a your 2016-2017 Classic Horse Registration Card that must be signed by the Affiliate, if you do not have a card yet, please contact an affiliate near you or please send Jayne an email at to get one.
 All three qualifying events you attend for the qualifying horse must be listed and signed off by the affiliate.

 To enter the Patsie Holder Memorial Classic at the 2017 ABHA National Finals this coming September, you must have this card completed, entries will NOT be accepted with out it.

New Affiliates, Wed 15th Mar, 2017

The ABHA Board of Directors are excited to announce several new affiliates have joined the ABHA in recent times. New affiliates in Queensland are ABHA Callide Valley, New South Wales are Wee Waa Barrel Racing Club, Cobar Can Chasers & Trojan Horse Events and Victoria are Western District Barrel Racing Club, BFM Horse Events and Chiltern Barrel Racing Club. Please keep an eye on the event calendar for dates these new affiliates are running.

Affinity Insurance Brokers, Fri 24th Feb, 2017

Affinity Insurance Brokers and the ABHA are working together to bring you special offers for all your Equine Insurance needs. Please click on this link to view the special offers available to ABHA Members.

BREAKING NEWS, Fri 17th Feb, 2017

The ABHA Board of Directors are excited to announce they are trialing ½ second splits for the 2017 National Finals.

This means there will be an incredible 8 divisions in the open barrel race.

*****8 Saddles*****8 Buckles**** to be won in the divisional event now!!

There will now be 12 saddles and buckles up for grabs at this year’s finals.

The Board are implementing this trial as a result of the high standard of barrel racing and large number of competitors in each division seen at the 2016 National Finals and from listening to what our members wanted from the 2016 finals survey.

Please note, the ½ second split divisions will be added as a ground rule at the National finals only. Affiliated club day events will remain as 1 second splits.

Members have until 30th June 2017 to get their 5 qualifying events done. Don’t leave it till the last minute as many events get cancelled due to inclement weather at that time of year. There is still over 4 months left to qualify!

2017 ABHA Membership, Fri 2nd Dec, 2016

The Board of Directors would like to announce a change to the ABHA membership fees for 2017. Riders will now be covered for 'Personal Accident Insurance' at ABHA sanctioned events through Affinity Insurance. The new fee structure incorporates the discounted rider insurance that the ABHA have secured with Affinity. Annual fees are Seniors $60, Juniors $30 and Day Memberships $20. The Board of Directors would also like to announce they have introduced a 'Non-Competing' membership $15.  There will be added benefits such as a $25 discount off float/Gooseneck insurance when taken out through Affinity. 

The 'Personal Accident Insurance' cover will commence on the 1st January 2017.

One Day Memberships, Sat 21st Nov, 2015

The ABHA Board of Directors would like to announce the introduction of a day membership from 1st January 2016. Day membership will cost $11 gst inclusive. Day memberships will be limited to 3 affiliated days per calendar year. Full ABHA membership fee will be required to be paid regardless of the number of day memberships paid should the member wish to take out a full ABHA membership. Day membership will not entitle the member to a qualifying event for the National Finals and will not qualify rider for club end of year awards for events competed at under a day membership

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