Circle L 2024 ABHA National Finals Trade Site Application

2024 ABHA National Finals Entry Form, Wed 17th Jul, 2024

CLICK HERE For National Finals entry form!

Office Closed 5th-15th July 2024, Thu 27th Jun, 2024

Calling all Videographers!!, Tue 25th Jun, 2024

Tenders are now being accepted for the role of Official Videographer of the 2024 ABHA National Finals.

Please read the ABHA Media policy and Code of Conduct before tendering.

ABHA Media Policy 2024.pdf

ABHA Media Code of Conduct.pdf

Calling all Photographers!, Tue 25th Jun, 2024

Tenders are now being accepted for the role of Official Photographer of the 2024 ABHA National Finals.

Please read the ABHA Media Policy and Media Code of Conduct before tendering.

ABHA Media Policy 2024.pdf

ABHA Media Code of Conduct.pdf


The ABHA Board of Directors are excited to announce the introduction of the Aged Horse Registry.

Please watch this instructional video.

Circle L 2024 ABHA National Finals Trade Site Application, Mon 3rd Jun, 2024

The ABHA Board of Directors are now accepting Trade Site Applications for the 2024 National Finals.

Click Here for Application Form


ABHA 2024 National Finals Buckle Tender, Tue 16th Apr, 2024

The ABHA Board of Directors would like to invite interested parties to tender for the supply of the trophy buckles for the 2024 ABHA National Finals.

Click here for Buckle Tender Application.

ABHA 2024 National Finals Saddle Tender, Tue 16th Apr, 2024

The ABHA Board of Directors would like to invite interested parties to tender for the supply of the trophy saddles for the 2024 ABHA National Finals.

Click Here for Saddle Tender Application

ABHA Newsletter Issue 7, Mon 29th Jan, 2024


New ABHA Office Hours

New ABHA Office Hours, Mon 13th Nov, 2023


2023 Johnson's Natural Formula Junior Divisional Rd 1 Results.pdf

2023 CIRLCE L OPEN DIVISIONAL RD 2 DRAW, Thu 14th Sep, 2023


2023 CIRLCE L OPEN DIVISIONAL TOP 50 DRAW, Thu 14th Sep, 2023

TOP 50 DRAW.pdf



2023 AGM Agenda, Wed 23rd Aug, 2023

2023 ABHA Agenda, please note amended copy to that emailed out.

Typo fixed in Motion 7

Addition of Motion 14

2023 ABHA AGM Agenda.pdf

2023 National Final Trade Site Application, Thu 22nd Jun, 2023

The ABHA Board of Directors are now accepting trade site applications for the 2023 National Finals, AELEC, Tamworth 11th-17th September.

Please click here to submit your application.

2 days Extended Qualifying Period , Wed 10th May, 2023

Read the letter below with information of the 2 day extended qualifying period. 

Qualifying Period Extended.docx

ABHA Newsletter Issue 5

ABHA Newsletter Issue 5, Wed 14th Dec, 2022


Memberships are now due for renewal. , Tue 13th Dec, 2022


The Winner of our Mal Fishenden Saddle Raffle was ticket number 156, Jessica Marsh! Congratulations on winning such a great prize!

ABHA Newsletter Issue 4, Wed 31st Aug, 2022

Have a read of our latest newsletter! Full of great information, written by our Director Jill Lyons. Enjoy!



ENTRIES ARE OPEN!!, Tue 2nd Aug, 2022

Click on the link below to enter The 2022 ABHA National Finals! Entries Close Friday 19th August.

If you have any queries entering, first point of call is Nominate Office Ph: 07 3118 9555 Mon-Fri 9-5pm or contact our secretary Katrina Rudd: or phone 0456 443 820 Tuesday and Thursday 9-5pm.

Exhibitions are 1 run per horse until entries close, if there are vacant spots available we will open back up after the 19th August 2022.

Competition Details (

Newsletter Issue #3, Fri 29th Jul, 2022


Our third issue of the popular ABHA Newsletter... 


2022 NATIONAL FINALS, Thu 7th Jul, 2022


We all have endured a heck of a lot over the past 3 years with Covid-19, bushfires, devastating floods and natural disaster zones. The ABHA have not been able to run a Finals since 2019. It has been extremely difficult for affiliates and members to host/compete at events through these trying times… Therefore the ‘qualifying criteria’ has been lifted for 2022! As long as you are a Financial ABHA Member you will be eligible to enter the 2022 ABHA National Finals!

More information will be rolling out in the coming weeks of our entry system, AELEC camping and stabling. We will also provide a ‘TENTATIVE’ program soon but as you can appreciate this may change once final entry numbers are confirmed. We hope not too much though.

The ABHA are trying to bring as much information to you as soon as it comes to hand, however you are always welcome to email: should you have any queries.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for your support! Keep a look out for sponsor promotions coming soon and check out these amazing, generous businesses.

Thank you Cowgirl Creative - T Palmer for this great shot of Danielle Foster and ‘Drift’ at our recent ABHA Liverpool Plains event and Cowboy Communications for our fantastic poster!

So, come and join us in crowning the 2022 ABHA Barrel Racing Champions and celebrate that we are back in the AELEC arena, together!

We cannot wait to see y’all in Tamworth!

Our 2nd Newsletter!, Thu 30th Jun, 2022

Have a read of the second edition of the ABHA Newsletter.

 ABHA Newsletter June 2022.pdf

ABHA Newsletter , Fri 27th May, 2022

ABHA Newsletter May 2022.pdf


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Circle L is an Australian owned and operated family business located in Drayton, Toowoomba, Queensland, that was established in 2014. Circle L also have stores in Tamworth, New South Wales and to open soon in Townsville, North Queensland.

All Circle L products are designed here in Australia with both durability and comfort in mind to suit Australian conditions.

We are super excited to be partnered with Circle L and thank them for their continued support with the ABHA! Please head on over and like their social media pages so you can keep up with the latest styles Circle L Western Products and you can shop the website anytime day or night!

COVID-19 NOTICE, Thu 13th Jan, 2022

**MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT**, Wed 5th Jan, 2022

ABHA TV Presenter - Matt Burns with ABHA President - Leslie Moore

Leslie Moore to take over the reins as ABHA President, Wed 8th Dec, 2021

The ABHA Board of Directors accepted President Cathy Raaen’s request to end her tenure on December 6th 2021 which was due to expire on 17th September 2022. As a result of this early departure The Board elected Director Leslie Moore as President to fulfil Cathy’s duties until a new President takes office once elected at the 2022 AGM.

Cathy Raaen first joined the ABHA Board of Directors in May 2010, serving her time through to May 2012. During the ABHA National Finals in Tamworth Cathy was elected President at the AGM in September 2019. Since this time Cathy was able to accomplish many things for the Association including what most have never encountered, the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I would like to thank Cathy for her time and dedication of service to an Association that I know is near and very dear to her heart and soul,” said incoming President, Leslie Moore. 

“The ABHA creates a passion in anyone who has the privilege to serve and Cathy’s commitment to the ABHA is the epitome of that passion. For that I thank her.” The Board and I wish Cathy all the Best for her future endeavours.

President , Mon 6th Dec, 2021

Dear ABHA members and Affiliates.

As of 7/12/2021 I will be standing down from the position of President of the ABHA. I am grateful of the time I have had and the opportunity to serve this great Association and the sport of Barrel Racing. The new President will be Leslie Moore till the next AGM. I believe Leslie will do a great job and am sure everyone will support her in her term.

Thank you Cathy Raaen

Vice President, Tue 26th Oct, 2021

The board would like to notify the member's  that Mary Morgan has resigned from the position of Vice President, the board would like to thank Mary for her time in this position, Mary's input and guidance has been instrumental. 

Congratulations to Pat Collins who has been voted by the board of director's as the new Vice President.

The Vacant Directors Position is yet to be filled. 

Nominations for ABHA Board of Directors and Notice of Motions , Wed 25th Aug, 2021

The Board welcomes Mary Morgan back as Vice President and Tamara Walker and Rae Motter back to the position of ABHA Directors. Remaining two positions are available for election at the AGM set for the 14th of September. Please note there is no Motions to be voted on.

*** Safety Tips for Horse Riders ***, Thu 17th Jun, 2021

Whilst we try and deny it, horse riding, driving or caring for our horses are dangerous activities. Many of us have been injured or seen friends and family we love injured.

With forethought before going to the paddock or arena, many accidents could be avoided or their consequence reduced. Here are some quick and easy tips to think about before you go on your next ride.

  • Equipment - Make sure you have the appropriate equipment for the activity. Ensure it is maintained and fitted to the horse correctly.
  • Your horse - Like us, horses can be uncomfortable or unaccustomed in different situations. Make sure your horse is rained and prepared for the activity you are undertaking. If you are unsure, get in touch with a local trainer or coach to help you achieve your riding goals. 
  • Be aware of surroundings - Keep an eye out for things going on around you. Including, horses, other animals especially dogs, cars, people, tree brenches and other dangerous surroundings.
  • Don't Ride Alone - Ride with a friend, so you can look after each other if something goes wrong. If you are riding alone. carry your phone and use an app like Horse Rider SOS. If you fall off and stop moving the app will send a notification with your location to your designated emergency contact.

*** AFFILIATES ***, Wed 16th Jun, 2021

Affiliates please note 

The board is working on improving the functionality of the website, planning of events and online entry system. Please bare with us through these changes.  

A Quick Reminder... 

- ALL results must be submitted 7 days after your event (This would be by the Tuesday week after your event).

- If you are sending your results in via the post please make sure they are sent to 145 Boxwood rd Boxwood Vic 3725 & not the address on the event forms. 

- When submitting your event summary sheet please note, 

1. The amount of exhibition runs (exhibitions charged over $5 does incur the ABHA $3 fee).

2. The TOTAL AMOUNT of RUNS over ALL EVENTS RUN FOR THE DAY (not just the amount of divisional entry's). 

- Please DO NOT DEPOSIT FUNDS into the ABHA account without recieving an invoice from the office or sending a receipt. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you are unsure of any of the above. 

ABHA Board Announcements , Fri 11th Jun, 2021

The Board would like to thank Karren Harris for her time as an ABHA director and wish her luck with her endeavours.

The Board will not be electing another director so close to the AGM in september. 

  1. There will be no qualifying criteria set for the 2022 ABHA National Finals.
  2. 2014 horses will be eligible to compete in the 2021 State Championship events only, ran in the 2021 year. 

The Board would like to thank Amy Knox for her time as an ABHA director and wish her luck with her endeavours.

The Board will not be electing another director so close to the AGM in september. 


Hello Members,  please see below announcements.

ABHA Rule Book Revised 1/07/2021

Barrel Racing rules

Old Rule #3 - Illegal pattern – Competitors will be disqualified for not following the pattern or not being ready when name is called. Touching the barrel is permitted.

Rule # 3. - Illegal pattern -Competitors will be disqualified for not following the pattern, consisting of a cloverleaf pattern, consisting of one right and two left turns, or vice versa. Touching the barrel is permitted by horse or competitor.

No  3.B - Addition info -Not following the clover-leaf pattern will receive a no time. A broken pattern shall be defined as breaking their forward motion to retrace their tracks to finish the pattern and /or passing the plane of the barrel on the offside. Example: Should a contestant run by a barrel and must back up or turn around to retrace their tracks, this would be considered a broken pattern.

Old Rule #5 - Score line – Thestarting and finishing line and the position for the barrels must be markedpermanently for the entire contest. The time starts when horses’ nose passesthe score line both ways

Rule # 5 - The starting and finishing line and the position for the barrels must be marked permanently for the entire contest. The time starts and finishes when horses’ nose passes between the two timers.

Old Rules #6 - Line position – The starting and finishing line must be in line with the first and second drums.

Rule # 6 - Line Position- The starting and finishing line must be parallel with the first and second barrels. The starting line is defined as the plane across the entire arena, fence to fence regardless of the position of the electric/manual timers. Crossing the start/finish line any time before horse breaks electric eye /manual timers to start run will result in a no time.

NO 6.B - If horse re crosses starting line at any time before the pattern is completed, pattern will be considered broken, and run will receive a no time.

Old Rule # 9 - Time set for re-run – Should this happen competitors and judges should be notified, judges and arena directors will set time for re-run.

Rule # 9 - If electric eye and back up times are missed in a divisional event. Contestant shall be granted a re -run with no penalties. When re-run is given, time will be set by the judge and the section will run in the order originally draw. In a non-divisional event if all times are missed a contestant shall be granted a re-run at a time designated by the judge plus any penalties. If the barrel race is moved, postponed or re-run for safety reasons due to ground conditions re-runs will be penalty free. No re-runs will be given due to faulty or broken equipment used by the competitor.

Old Rule #10 - Drums – Drums must be 44 gallon size (empty) and be closed at both ends.

Rule #10 - Barrels -Brightly coloured 200-litre empty, light metal barrels with both ends enclosed, there will be no rubber or plastic barrels, or barrel pads used. When setting barrels on the Markers, centre of barrel shall be positioned over where marker comes out of the ground. If barrel covers are used, they should be used in all the rounds of that event. Arena signage should remain in place for entire event. Barrel must be set back on marker if moved by a horse or competitor in a run.

Old Rule # 11 - Vet/Visual out – If a competitor desires to withdraw for any reason, e.g.: veterinary certificate, the decision will be left to the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Rule # 11 - Vet/Visual out -If a competitor desires to withdraw for any reason e.g. veterinary /injury the decision and process will be left to the discretion of the Affiliate.

Revised 10/5/2021

  • JNR ABHA Members must be under 18 to ride at the 2021 National Finals as per the ABHA rule book.
  • Amended Rule #8 Effective immediately 

Old Rule #8

Affiliates must have all paperwork and monies owed to the ABHA to the secretary within 21 days of the said event, should this not occur, any events approved will be cancelled and no other events approved until this has been received.

Amended Rule #8 10/5/21

Affiliates must have all paperwork and monies owed to the ABHA to the secretary within 7 days of the said event, should this not occur, any events approved will be cancelled and no other events approved until this has been received.

  • Affiliates found not following the ABHA rules will find their events, affiliations and membership suspended along with a fine at the board desecration which includes but not limited too not paying event fees or sending in results, allowing non financial members to compete at their events.
  • Amended Rule #22 Effective immediately 

Old Rule #22 

Whipping – More than two whips between entry and 1st drum, more than two whips between barrels and four whips coming home, or more than two contacts between entry and first drum, more than two contacts between drums and four contacts coming home with an over and under will result in disqualification. Ruled by Judge.

Amended Rule #22 10/5/21

Disqualification will occur if more than 2 contacts with equipment from start of run to first barrel.

Disqualification will occur if more than 2 contacts with equipment from barrel 1 to barrel 2 .

Disqualification will occur if more than 2 contacts with equipment from barrel 2 to barrel 3.

Disqualification will occur if more than 4 contacts with equipment from barrel 3 to end of run.

Definition of equipment (object, device) riding crop- over and under whip- quirt, reins.

Ruled by the Judge.


1. Affiliates can only retain a maximum of 30% of the entry fee to cover club expenses, trophies and administration fees.

Any Event with a minimum of $300.00 posted prize money, (including juniors) affiliates can retain up to 40% of the entry fee.

*Please note affliates can retain a lower % if they wish.


1. Open to horses 4, 5 and 6 years.

2. Can be run over 1, 2 or 3 rounds.

3. Affiliates have the option to allow a competitor to roll over their time from a classic event into a divisional barrel race, provided they are run on the same size course.

4. Any Classic with $500 prize money or more will count as a qualifying classic round for the ABHA Finals.

5. A horse’s age will be calculated based on a year starting 1 August every year (Horses Birthday). For example, a horse born any time between 1 August 2019 and 31 July 2020 turns one (1) year old on 1 August 2020 and so on.

Rule 25 - Dress rules – Members competing at ABHA affiliated events must wear suitable long sleeved shirt, hat/ current Australian Standard’s helmet, (No Caps) boots and jeans in the arena at all times. They must be neat and presentable.

Rule 26 - Safety helmets – Junior or juvenile competitors under 18 years of age, must wear a Current Australian Standard’s approved helmet with the chin strap securely fastened when mounted and competing. Adult members that choose to wear a helmet must wear a Current Australian Standard’s approved helmet.

Helmets worn must conform with one of the current approved safety standards:

· Current Australian standard AS/NZ 3838 (2006 onwards) provided they are SAI global marked.

· Current American standards ASTM FI163 (2004a or 04a onwards) provided they are SEI marked, or SNELL E2001.

· Current British standard PAS 015 (1998 or 2011) provided they are BSI Kitemarked.

· Interim European Standard VGI (01.040: 2014-12) with or without BSI Kitemark.

Note *All competitors in junior events must wear Current Australian Standards approved helmet.

Rule No 6.

Membership categories:







*Day memberships will be limited to 3 affiliated days per calendar year. Full ABHA membership fee will be required to be paid regardless of the number of day memberships paid should the member wish to take out a full ABHA membership. Day membership will not entitle the member to a qualifying event for the National Finals and will not qualify rider for club end of year awards for events competed at under a day membership

**Non-Competing membership is a non-riding person over 18 years of age.

***Life members wishing to compete must sign the ABHA Waiver form each membership year.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a director near you.


Dear SA Affiliate’s, Members and Members residing outside SA that wish to compete in SA,

Please be advised the membership process for our SA members is now a litlle different to the other states.

SA members and also members wishing to compete in SA need to sign a state specific waiver. This waiver also must be witnessed.

Please be advised that memberships will not be finalised until the waiver is received.

The process is easy, jump online renew your membership as per always.

You have the option to download and print the waiver from this section, or – tick the box for you payment method and select pay now, you will then receive an email confirming your memebrship anda blank waiver will be attached, you can then print the wavier from here.

You then need to complete the waiver.

Either post or scan in and email to the, (Please put you name and membership number as the email subject and if posting please allow ample time for it to arrive before you wish to compete.)

The emailed document is editable and for those that have the technology and witness available you can edit the waiver to sign and then send back via email – Please ensure all signatures, printed names and dates are legible any that are not will not be accepted.

For any queries please email the

2021 Memberships, Thu 31st Dec, 2020

Happy New Year to all our Members,

Memberships are now due.

There have been some changes and you will notice a new waiver to sign.

Please note members competing in South Australia have a different waiver to all other states and the SA waiver must be witnessed.





(All memberships prices include GST)

2021 Classic Incentive, Thu 31st Dec, 2020

The ABHA for over 9 years has sponsored a buckle to the value of $250 to all affiliates who run a Classic event with a posted prize money of $1000 or more.

In 2020 the ABHA also provided a Cash incentive of $500 to those affiliates who ran $1000 Classic Event, and a $250 Cash incentive to those who ran a Classic Event with $500 Posted Prize Money. This incentive was very well received throughout the year.

For the past few months the ABHA Board has been discussing ideas around incentives.

We are pleased to announce that as of the 1st of January 2021 the ABHA will now be offering a $500 cash bonus to Affiliates that run a $1000 Classic event.

The ABHA will no longer be sponsoring a buckle for these events or the $250 cash incentive for $500 Classic’s.

We encourage all affiliates to still support Ride Tuff if you wish to award buckles, as Ride Tuff is a long time sponsor of the ABHA.

This incentive will be in place until 31/12/2021 and will be reviewed prior to the 1/01/2022.

Conditions :

Posted Prize Money must be a minimum of $1000

Each Affiliate can only receive the incentive twice per calendar year.

Affiliates can use the $500 cash incentive at their discretion in the running of their event.

ABHA Presidents Report September 2020, Sat 5th Sep, 2020

Dear ABHA Members,

The ABHA board of directors continues to address the never-ending challenges that 2020 has dealt the association. From drought, bushfires and then the COVID-19 world crisis it certainly has been a year like no other.

I encourage everyone to do their part to keep themselves, family, and community safe and follow all the COVID-19 restrictions as this is shaping up to be a marathon, not a sprint. If everyone plays their part, we hopefully will still be able to run events under COVID-19 restrictions. While this is uncharted territory for all of us, please show respect and patience to all involved as the board and affiliates try to navigate through these new challenges.

Thank you to all the members, affiliates, breeders, sire owners, sponsors and volunteers for your continued support now and in the past. Our Association is blessed to have such hard working and dedicated members and volunteers who selflessly give their time and effort to keep events running and give everyone a place to complete in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The finals are again scheduled for September 2021 (COVID-19 pending) and hopefully it will be our best event ever as the ABHA will be celebrating its 25th year. We will announce all the details in the coming months. We were planning to award our first life membership to Adele Edwards in Tamworth this year, but will now be doing it as part of next year’s National event, where Adele can be recognized and celebrate this prestige’s award at our most high profiled event.

In June our long serving and much admired ABHA secretary Jayne Lilley resigned. We thank Jayne for all her years of service. She will be greatly missed and we wish her all the best in her new endeavors. The office is now being ran on a voluntary basis. The secretary position will be filled with a new secretary when we have enough events back running to warrant a full-time secretary.

We are excited to be having the state championship events. Preparations are under way in all states with the first event to be in the Northern Territory. The continuing COVID-19 pandemic will see some alteration necessary as restrictions escalate and continue in some states but if any events cannot be run, they will be rescheduled. This is a wonderful opportunity for members to compete at a high-profile event after the cancelation of our national event.

Thank you to the 16 Affiliates that have completed the new COVID-19 compliant paperwork.

Membership numbers for 2020 are particularly good with, 704 senior members, 570 junior members, 15 non-competing members and 2 honoree members.

We will not be holding the 2020 AGM this year due to all the COVID-19 restrictions it will now be held over and ran with the 2021 AGM as per the NSW Government Fair Trading announcement.

Lou Kimber, Katie Vaughan and Bridgette Hasting resigned from their Board position’s earlier this year. I would like to thank these ladies for their time and contribution to the association. In April, the ABHA appointed Matt Burns in a casual vacancy position to replace one of these vacant positions and I would like to welcome Matt to the Board.

As the AGM has now been postponed the Board terms will all now be extended to three-year terms as per below.


Cathy Raaen

Term started 07/09/2019 – three-year term – Re-election 2022 AGM

Vice President

Dallas Pearce

Term Started 18/09/2018 (- three term – Re-election 2021 AGM

3 * 2018 Board Directors elected at 18/09/2019 – Three-year  term – Re-election 2021 AGM

Lou Kimber – Resigned – Now Matt Burns

Katie Vaughan – Resigned – Position Vacant

Bridgette Hastings – Resigned – Position Vacant

4 * 2019 Board Directors elected at 07/09/2019 – Three-year  term – re- election 2022 AGM

Pat Collins

Susan Keenan

Suzie Dicks

Veronica Luxford.

The 2 Vacant Director positions will be filled in the coming weeks by ABHA Board as per the casual vacancy clause in the Constitution.

The ABHA Board has reviewed the ABHA Constitution and have found some  amendments that are required to be made including adding the Life Membership and  the voting process.

These Special Resolution will be sent out today 05/09/2020 abiding by the NSW Government Fair Trading announcement clause of use of technology in this COVID-19 time.

If all Senior members could please take the time to vote that would be wonderful.

Until next time I hope everyone stay’s safe.

Thank you,

Cathy Raaen

ABHA Merchandise order form, Fri 10th Jan, 2020


New Lead Rein/Assisted Rider Rules, Wed 8th Jan, 2020

Hi Members and Affiliates,

Please be advised the Board has introduced New lead Line and Assisted Rider Rules these are on page 11 of the ABHA Rule Book.

Please ensure these rules are followed at all events as the safety of all our members is highly important this includes our younger riders.

The new rules are as follows:

Lead  Rein/Assisted Riders

1. Rider must be wearing a Helmet as per Barrel Race Rule No. 26

2. Rider must be able to sit on horse/pony without being held.

3. Only one (1) leader/handler permitted per rider.

4. The leader must not be in front of the horse’s shoulder.

5. It is the responsibility of the parent to appoint a suitable leader/handler/assistant for the horse/pony and rider safety. This person must be over 16 years of age and must be a current ABHA financial member. This person can be a Non-Competing member.

6. Assisted riders being led because of documented disability will be able to be competitive in their age group.

7. Riders who are riding “free” and who successfully complete the course, must take the placings over riders whose horses are being led, except as in No 6. above.

8. Recommend led and free riders be in separate groups where numbers are sufficient.

9. Full ABHA Dress Code applies to both rider and Leaders/Handlers/Assistants as per Barrel Race Rule no. 25

Merchandise., Mon 6th Jan, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Did you miss out on purchasing your National Finals Merchandise for the 2019 ABHA National Finals last year. Please know you can still purchase this merchandise up until the 31st of January 2020.

Click on the link below to purchase.

All Prices are on the website.

For those who didn't attend the National Finals but would like to purchase ABHA Merchandise - from the 1st of February till the 30th June 2020 you will now be able to purchase any of these items without the 2019 ABHA National Finals embroidered on them.

2020 National Finals Merchandise will be ready to purchase by the 1st of July 2020

Jump over to Hunters 1866 today.

2019 ABHA Board of Directors, Mon 30th Sep, 2019

The ABHA Board of Directors would like to thank retiring President, Adele Edwards and Directors, Maree Oddy and Naomi Bennett for their years of service on the Board.

The Board are also pleased to announce Cathy Raaen as the new incoming President and Directors, Veronica Luxford and Pat Collins are also welcomed to the Board for a 2 year term of office.

AELEC PIC Number, Mon 9th Sep, 2019


2019 SGM & AGM Agenda, Tue 3rd Sep, 2019

2019 Special General Meeting in the Lecture Room, AELEC, Tuesday 17th September 7pm to be followed by the AGM

2019 SGM Agenda.pdf

2019 AGM Agenda v1.3.docx.please note revised agenda.

2018 AGM Minutes.pdf

Notice of Proposed Special Resolutions, Tue 27th Aug, 2019

The ABHA Board of Directors would like to advise the below notice of proposed special resolutions will be presented to be adopted at a Special General Meeting to be held 7pm in the lecture room at AELEC. The Annual General Meeting will be followed at the close of the Special General Meeting.

The ABHA Board of Directors would also like to advise that Chris Zucker, from Zucker Legal -Tamworth, will be chairing both the Special General Meeting and the Annual General Meeting.

 Notice of Proposed Special Resolutionsv1.1.pdf


ABHA Annual General Meeting, Tue 6th Aug, 2019

The ABHA AGM will be held again this year during the National Finals in Tamworth.
We are now calling for both agenda items for the AGM and Director nominations.Nomination forms can be downloaded from our website HERE.
Please email your agenda items by 31 August 2019 and your Director nomination by 10 September to

Eligibility Criteria for Board Nominations: 

President: Member can nominate as President - if the person has served for 2 years or more as President, a Vice-President or a Director
Director: Member can nominate as a Director - if the person has been a member of the ABHA for not less than two years prior to the nomination.

This is your chance to have your say, and help to shape the Australian barrel racing industry.

Biosecurty information for our Queensland competitors transporting horses into NSW., Fri 19th Jul, 2019

Biosecurty information for our Queensland competitors transporting horses into NSW.

Biosecurty information for our Queensland competitors transporting horses into NSW., Fri 19th Jul, 2019

  • Competitors must make an appointment 24 hours before arriving at a border treatment facility. All bookings and enquiries to be made through Kirra treatment yards 0755 364 714 fax 0755 361 290.
  • For more information call Kirra Yards or Cattle Tick main office 0266 261 201 or online at :

Biosecurty information for our Queensland competitors transporting horses into NSW.

Biosecurty information for our Queensland competitors transporting horses into NSW., Fri 19th Jul, 2019

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 Seven Saddle
Jaralea Western Show Attire
  Biolink Opti-Gut
   Katie B

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